Taking Initiative, Design Thinking, Leadership, Teamwork, Problem-solving, Time-management and all these concepts seem to be heavy and impossible for one. …

As I observed my recent struggles and practices for my surrounding, I came to know that all my previous efforts are based on increasing the inducement of children of my family circle to some purposeful activities like drawing, science and in urging them to explore their interests.

But, I noticed…

As winter comes on, we become sluggish and slack and we don’t want to move a little bit to place the things to their right places even in the room, that’s what happened to me.

But during the course of “Everyday leadership”, I learned that we could be a leader in ourselves and leadership is basically a choice that we make everyday.

So, I got up and fixed the stuff from my bed and put the things in the right place. This act gave me satisfaction that I can also be a leader in my daily basis chores.

The concept of leadership which I learned is to take responsibility, ownership, and to take initiative. So, I took the initiative to work and to fix up the things on my bed.

Muhammad Anshaal

Undergrad Mechanical Engineering Student

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